Friday, March 9, 2012

Hair Length Goal for 2012 and my Braid Regimen.

So for my 2012 goals; I mentioned that I wanted to achieve armpit length hair or (APL) as it is affectionately called in the hair forums. I am currently at shoulder length (SL) or a little past SL when my natural hair is stretched. I haven't straightened my hair to get an accurate measure but it is SL. I'm guessing that I need about 6 more inches of hair to reach APL.

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I plan to protective style 100% of the time this year. LOL I will probably let it out on weekends here and there but honestly my hair retains length better when I leave it alone. Styles that last for a week or more are my strands best friend! I will be wearing buns, updo's and braids. I will probably start getting braids before this month is over and continue with them until around October with short 1 to 2 week rest periods of wearing a lose bun. During the rest periods; I will also do hot oil treatments. deep conditioner treatments, protein treatments and etc. Whatever my hair needs at the time. I will also follow my braid regimen.

Braid Regimen is as follows: 
Infusium 23 leave in (Use as my daily Moisturizer)
A natural oil to seal (jojoba oil, coconut oil, olive oil, or castor oil)  I also like Doo gro oil
ORS Herbal Cleanse Dry Shampoo to clean my scalp between washes.
I sleep on a satin pillowcase at night so no need to tie these braids down with a scarf.
I do a full wash whenever my hair and scalp tell me it needs it but normally wait at least 3 weeks when hair is first braided.
Get perimeter rebraided every 4 weeks(This timeframe may change; right now I am playing it by ear and also going by when my braider said to get the perimeter re-done.)
 I normally keep braids for 12 weeks at a time or roughly 3 months.
When wearing cornrows or twists I wear them anywhere from 2-4 weeks depending on the style.





I am not an expert in haircare/beauty and etc. I simply blog about what works for ME and what I like or dislike. Also I DO NOT NORMALLY measure when I cook. I AM an expert in Business as I have mastered that field but I will not be giving advice on personal business unless it is general info such as how to improve your credit. That answer is to simply pay your bills on time and do not over spend. Always buy what you can pay back... lol. I do not claim any responsibility for the results you've obtained from reading suggestions on my blog.

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