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The Ateya Regimen (Which consists of Aphogee products for strength and elasticity)

The Ateya Regimen (Which consists of Aphogee products for strength and elasticity) ***LOVE IT***

Here is another regimen/challenge by Kena Brewer inspired by Ateya from Youtube. http://www.youtube.com/user/Ateyaaa?blend=1&ob=4

The challenge goes as follows:
Im so impressed with how Ateya cares for her hair and her regimen is very healthy. The only thing I would tweak is the use of a flat iron every single time. I prefer to alternate between rollersets and flat iron. If you shampoo biweekly the flat iron method is fine.

It's basically what a healthy hair stylist follows under normal circumstances!!

Im gonna make this a 12 week challenge because thats usually how long it takes to completely change the condition of your hair.

Products needed for this challenge:
**Aphoghee for damaged hair shampoo or Kenra platinum shampoo for your hair type.
**Kenra Moisturizing conditioner or Aphoghee conditioner
**Aphoghee 2min. reconstructor or Mizani Fulfyll (same ingredients in both)
**Aphoghee 2step protein treatment and balancing moisturizer (available in single use packets)
**Chi silk Infusion,Biosilk, or Paul Mitchell Super Skinny serum (only use the paul mitchell if your hair is thick)
**Foam wrap of your choice (I prefer Nairobi or Salon Exclusives Milk foam)
**Aphoghee Green Tea Reconstructing Leave In spray or cream leave in if your hair is really thick
**Hairdress of your choice( I prefer Mizani Coconut Souffle')

For those who arent familiar with her regimen listed below are the steps.

Weekly or biweekly :(whichever works best for you)

-shampoo hair twice
-deep condition for 20-45 min. under heat (natural hair 1hr. adding coconut oil)
-treat with 2min recon. for 5min no heat
-spray with leave in and comb with wide tooth comb
-mix in your hand : dime of serum, few pumps of foam
rub into hair focusing on the ends
-comb hair down with a wide tooth comb in the way you want it to lay or proceed with rollersetting
-if flat ironing: dry hair until about 70% dry then blow the rest dry. Spray on heat protectant and proceed with flat ironing.

**** On the week before you relax, do the 2step protein treatment after the shampoo. Then proceed deep condition and the rest of the steps. Protein should not be done more than twice during this challenge. It can be done the 6th and 12th week if you dont plan on relaxing during the 12 weeks. If you do plan on relaxing it should only be done the week before your relaxer.

**** Natural Hair ladies dont do the protein treatments. Instead do deep conditioning like you would do a relaxer . Use a relaxer brush to get it on all the hair. Rub it in good and sit under dryer for about an hour.

By Kena Brewer www.hairluvbugs.ning.com


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Anonymous said...

I started my hair journey based on this regimen. I didn't use it to the tee, but the Aphogee shampoo and reconstructor helped me recover from heat and chemical damage quickly. This is great for damaged hair or hair that needs some TLC.


I am not an expert in haircare/beauty and etc. I simply blog about what works for ME and what I like or dislike. Also I DO NOT NORMALLY measure when I cook. I AM an expert in Business as I have mastered that field but I will not be giving advice on personal business unless it is general info such as how to improve your credit. That answer is to simply pay your bills on time and do not over spend. Always buy what you can pay back... lol. I do not claim any responsibility for the results you've obtained from reading suggestions on my blog.

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